AgCert - Liquidated

The Board of Directors of AgCert International, Limited voted on 8 June 2012 to initiate insolvent liquidation proceedings for the Company in the Republic of Ireland. Thereafter, the company entered liquidation on 20 June 2012 upon the appointment of a liquidator at a creditors meeting.

What was AgCert?

AgCert International (AgCert™) was a leader in the production and sale of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, AgCert was founded to generate emission reductions from livestock farms to reduce the adverse impacts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to global warming and climate change. AgCert was the worldwide leader in agriculturally derived emission reductions, and applied expertise to create industrial based emission reductions as well. The GHG emission reductions were pooled and sold to industrial emitters, governments, funds and energy traders.

AgCert was a "mass producer" of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), capable of generating millions of CERs annually. Through consistent application of science across nearly all geographies, the company produced a large, consistent and permanent source of GHG emission reductions to address the reduction shortfalls of large emitters around the world. GHG reduction methodology received approval from the CDM Executive Board of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.